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Important Updates

Leasing Office Hours / Location

Leasing office is located in Phase 1 at 1865 Gateway Rd at Knowles Avenue.
We are open on....

     Monday        10 - 12 noon
     Wednesday  10 - 12 noon
     Saturday       10 - 12 noon 

No appointment required!  Just drop in.

Meetings may be arranged by appointment almost anytime.  Call John at 204-663-5373

Construction Start!!.... The site has been cleared of snow and construction fencing will be put in place next.  Construction will begin before the end of March.  Entrance Fees will be collected starting March 25.


 Good News.... we've made arrangements with RBC and and Steinbach Credit Union, so that future residents can borrow their entrance fee, and not make any payments for the duration of the construction project.  Once you move into Cornerstone and have received the proceeds from the sale of your home, you can pay off the loan and accrued interest in one lump sum.  Very reasonable interest rates are being offered.  Call me at 204-663-5373 for the specific details.